Student Achievement

Two new extracurricular activities – Cross Country and Forensics – showcase student talent that is readily on display at OLMC School in a wide variety of disciplines.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Gina Fata (Angelica, 2018 and John, 2020), our Cross Country team grew accustomed to high achievement early on. Their many medals for placing in weekly events culminated in Cora Rose Webber’s (2020) being crowned County Champion. Teammates Faith Schechter (2019), Katelynn Messina (2019), and John Fata also received recognition for their many stellar performances.

OLMC School was represented well by every student who participated in our inaugural season. Although we did not have the numbers of other schools, no team outdid us in cheer or enthusiasm.

Children in our athletic program not only compete to win, they also have fun, gain physical strength and skill, grow in virtue (especially courage and perseverance!), and give glory to God with tfdhe effort, talent, and personal achievement.


Competing with other schools in the region in public speaking events, OLMC School’s recently formed Forensics Team has earned multiple awards of distinction. Under the leadership of Mrs. Arlene Zagarino (8th Grade, English), our students having earned recognition from the Classical Forensics League.

All students of the OLMC School Forensics Team prepare presentations for tournaments devoted to the areas of Reading, Declamation, Drama, and Humor. Students who are chosen to represent the team at a tournament are selected through an in-house competition that hones their skills in memorization, expression and interpretation of text, eye contact, and verbal locution.

Two OLMC team members earned places in the Final Round of this year’s Reading Competition: 8th Grader Salvatore Parent, who read an excerpt from The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne, earned a Runner-Up certificate; Jilienne Winowski, also in the eighth grade, earned sixth place for her reading of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.

A Tradition of Catholic Education since 1863

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