Academically Excellent

We celebrate our students’ curiosity and delight in encouraging and shaping their love for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. We seek to inspire their thinking through an encounter with the best ideas that have been thought and written down throughout history.

Our curriculum features:

  • Optimal class sizes that emphasize active student engagement with teachers, texts and other resources, and one another
  • Individualized instruction by caring teachers
  • Phonics based Reading and Language Arts in primary grades
  • An intensive and rewarding Writing program (including writing tutorials in middle-school grades)
  • An experience-focused Science program
  • Daily Latin instruction for all middle-school students
  • Music instruction in Choral Performance, Theory, and History
  • Religion instruction guided by the Baltimore Catechism (with direct teaching by the parish priest in middle school)

A Tradition of Catholic Education since 1863

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